Fourth International Conference on Austroasiatic Linguistics (ICAAL4)
Mahidol University (Salaya), October 29-30, 2009

Track 1

Track 2

Track 3


Day 1 Morning



8.00-9.00 Registration



9.00-9.15 Opening Remarks


9.15-10.00 Keynote Address
Franklin Huffman

"Linguistic and Diplomatic Adventures in Cambodia, 1957-Present."


10.00-10.30 Break



Session 1: 10.30-12.30


Session: Historical/Comparative

Session: Revitalization/Literacy

Session: Narrative/Folklore

Roger Blench
"Are there four additional unrecognised branches of Austroasiatic?"

Suwilai Premsrirat
"Pearic as a Dying Branch of Austroasiatic Languages and their Struggle for Survival"

Somsonge Burusphat
"A comparison of sequential strategies in Mon-Khmer narratives"

George van Driem
"A new Austroasiatic homeland"

Sirirat Sisombat
"Chong Identity Revitalization Through Chong Community Learning Centre"

Pattama Patpong
"An Analysis of Generic Structure Potential of Some Selected Austroasiatic Folktales: A Preliminary Report"

Russel Gray,

Simon Greenhill and Paul Sidwell
"Preliminary Bayesian phylogenetic analyses of Austroasiatic."

Umaiyah Haji Umar
"The Integration of Mon-Khmer Languages (Indigenous Languages) Into Malay And Thai: A Study Of Language Maintenance And Language Loss"

Niramon Suwangard
"Regulations, Prohibitions and Beliefs in Laʋɨəʔ Poems: the Ləsɔm ˀ"

Paul Sidwell
"Family Diversity and the Austroasiatic Homeland"



Morragotwong Phumplab
"An Nam Phong Tuc Sach (The book of Annamese customs): Language, Traditional customs and cultural habits of the Vietnamese villagers in the 20th century"


12.30-1.30 Lunch




Track 1

Track 2

Track 3


Day 1 Afternoon



Session 2: 1.30-3.30


Session: Historical/Comparative

Session: Revitalization/Literacy

Session: Narrative/Folklore

Jerry Edmondson,

Kenneth J. Gregerson and Paul Sidwell
"The North Bahnaric Clade: A computational approach"

Norman Zide
"Kharia Script"

(read by D. Stampe.)

Tippawan Porkanchai
"Bru and Ancestor Spirit"

Michel Ferlus
"Toward Proto Pearic: Problems and historical Implications"

Mayuree Thawornpat
"Thai-Based Orthography as a Bridge to Written Mon"

Ang Choulean
"The Kuoy: their involvement in Cambodian history and culture"

Uri Tadmor
"Lexical borrowing between some Austronesian and Austroasiatic languages"

Siripen Ungsitipoonporn
"Development of Northern Khmer Primer using Thai alphabet: Opportunities and Challenge"

Saowapa Pornsiripongse

and Anan Soplerk
"Kantrum : The Status of Folk Music Education within the Thai-Khmer Cultural Zone"

Doug Cooper
"Who Says What Why When Where and How? Mapping and Managing Comparative Data"

Michelle Miller
"A study of language use and literacy practices to inform local language literature development among Khmu in Thailand"

Sunil Baraik

and Bisheshwar Munda
"Peculiarities of Munda Folk Song & Dance"


3.30-4.00 Break



Session 3: 4.00-6.00


Session: Mon Historical

Session: Lexicon

Session: Syntax/Grammar

Christian Bauer
"When did Middle Mon end?"

Felix Ahlner
"Body part terms in Kammu"

Naraset Pisitpanporn
"The Phnom Penh Third Person Pronoun /kee/"

Gerard Diffloth
"More on Dvaravati-Old-Mon"

Isara Choosri
"Semantic Networks of Mlabri Food Vocabulary"

Anne Osborne
"The unspecified pronoun dee in Kmhmu'"

Michel Ferlus
"A possible origin of Rāmaña- '(country of) Mon'"

Amonrat Rattanawong
"Polysemy in Mlabri Body-Part Terms"

Denis Paillard
"ʔaɔj (‘give’) as causative verb in Khmer"

Umaporn Sungkaman
"The semantic categorization of Mon and Thai native vegetable names"

Madhusmita Pattanaik
"Word formation in Didayi"

Waranya Ota
"Categorization of Word Classes in Kuay"


6.00 close



7.00 Conference Dinner




Track 1

Track 2

Track 3


Day 2 Morning



Session 4: 8.30-10.00


Session: Phonetics/Phonology

Session: Mon

Session: Syntax/Grammar

Patricia Donegan
"Essentials of Sora Phonology"

Mathias Jenny
"Burmese influence in Mon syntax - or independent development?"

Rebecca Bequette
"Functions of the determiner and relativizer [ʔi] in Bunong"

Anna Pucilowski
"Aspects of the Phonetics and Phonology of Ho"

Patrick McCormick
"The Mon-Language Rajadhiraj and Thai Models"

Nattamon Rojanakul
"Some Syntactical Characteristics Of Chong Language"

Felix Rau
"Glottal Constriction in Gorum"

Sujaritlak Deepadung,

Sumittra Suraratdecha, Narong Ardsamiti and Pichet Setaphong
"Language vitality and language attitude of Mon ethnic group in the western region of Thailand: Preliminary Report"

Arun Ghosh
"Goal-marking in Munda with special reference to the Lower Munda Languages"


10.00-10.30 Break



Session 5: 10.30-12.30


Session: Phonetics/Phonology

Session: Aslian

Session: Syntax/Grammar

Theraphan L-Thongkum,

Chommanad Intajamornrak, Kanitha Phutthasatien, Yupaporn Huadsiri and Supaporn Phalipat
"A Synopsis of Mal Phonetics"

Geoffrey Benjamin
"Deponent verbs and middle-voice nouns in Temiar"

Mayumi Adachi
"Vietnamese Demonstratives đây, đó, kia"

Preedaporn Srisakorn
"Some Remarks on So (Thavung) Registers"

Norafidah Tajuddin,

Noor Aishah Salleh and Roshidah Hassan
"A Comparative Study of Adjectives in Two Austroasiatic Languages in Peninsular Malaysia"

V.R. Rajasingh
"Demonstratives in Muöt"

Supakit Buakaw
"The Phonetic Realization of Denasalized Final Nasal Consonants in No Lae Palaung"

Timothy Phillips
"Retention and Reduction in Reduplicants of Semai"

Krishna Parajuli
"Personal Pronouns in Santhali"

Pittayawat Pittayaporn
"Sesquisyllabicity: sonority and syllabification"

Nicole Kruspe
"Semaq Beri: A preliminary field report"

Indresh Thakur
"Case Markers in Santhali"


12.30-1.30 Lunch




Track 1

Track 2

Track 3


Day 2 Afternoon



Session 6: 1.30-3.00


Session: Iambic Effects in Austroasiatic

Session: Vietnamese

Session: Syntax/Grammar

David Stampe

and Patricia Donegan
"Iambic vs Trochaic Effects in Austroasiatic"

Sophana Srichampa
"Vietnamese slogans in the 21st Century"

Toshiki Osada
"Echo formations in Mundari"

Ken Gregerson,

Charles Keller and Jacqueline Jordi
"Iambic Effects in Brao: cliticization, grammaticalization and stress"

Songgot Paanchiangwong
"Syntactic interference of Thai numeral phrase structure to Vietnamese numeral phrase structure spoken in Udon Thani province"

Rujiwan Laophairoj
"A Study of polysemic expressions of  ăn ‘to eat’ in Vietnamese : Cognitive Semantics"

John Haiman
"Prefixation, infixation, alliteration, and other iambic effects in Khmer"

Siriwong Hongsawan
"The Indirect Speech Act of Denying in Vietnamese Conversation"

Soraj Ruangmanee

and Kingkarn Thepkanjana
"The Semantic Extension from ‘Acquire’ to ‘Possibility’: A Case Study in Thai and Vietnamese"


3.00-3.30 Break



Session 7: 3.30-5.00


Session: Iambic Effects in Austroasiatic

Session: Vietnamese

Session: Khasi

Richard Watson
"Iambic effects and Cliticization in Pacoh"

Nguyen Ngoc Binh
"Terminology of rice culture in Vietnamese: A socio-cultural perspectives"

Sikder Murshed
"Khasi language of Bangladesh: only representative of Austro-Asiatic family"

Mark Post
"Prosody and typological drift from Austroasiatic to Tibeto-Burman"

Ly Toan Thang
"The Expression of Body and Soul: A Crosslinguistic and a Crosscultural Study"

K.V. Subbarao
"Gap Relatives in Khasi with  comitative PP as head"

Eh Nhotkhampeuy

and Paul Sidwell
"Iambic speech rhythm - Nyaheun phonology and syntax"

Ngoc Thuy Dinh
"Language as a dependent system under the influence of culture, gender and social status"

George Bedell
"The Syntax of Khasi Adverbial Clauses"


5.00 Business Meeting



5.30 End of Meeting