Tippawan Porkanchai

Research Institute for Languages and Cultures of Asia, Mahidol University, Thailand




Bru and Ancestor Spirit.


Although nowadays the world has seen the rise of modernity and universality, traditional beliefs still play an important role and demonstrate the cultural identity of a community. This article studies the belief in "Poo-Ta" (ancestor spirit) of the Bru who live in the Mekong river basin and the relationship between the belief in "Poo-Ta" and the idea of preserving Bru culture and language. The methodology is Ethnography. The study found that the Bru respect belief in "Poo-Ta" as an ancestor spirit that protects local people and the community from evil. Belief in "Poo-Ta" leads to the preservation of the forest and good the behaviour of Bru people. Moreover, the significant relationship between the Bru, the forest and the Mekong River, has led to the creation of legends, stories, tales, songs and poems and the Bru’s traditional culture. These are the major influence on Bru traditional culture and language. However to maintain this wonderful traditional culture, the Bru should continue to believe in the way of Bru traditional life and apply new culture along with their traditional beliefs. This will lead to a sense of pride for the Bru.